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Candybooru image #12397, tagged with Amaya Lucy Maia_(Artist) Rachel human


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Some human designs I drew almost a year ago (wuh?!). I also uploaded it on my tumblr already but since I wanted to post another thing kinda based on this, I thought I could put it in the booru too!

(someone said Lucy looked like Kirino and while I can see where that might come from, I've never felt this offended before T_T I didn't aim for this resemblance at all, I'm so sorry!!!)

Maia 1 year ago.

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i need more what the heck this is cute

subliminalsubs 1 year ago.

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OH MY GOD I’M SO OFFENDED TOO, she looks nothing like that revolting anime!! >8U It didn’t copyright fangs lmao

BUT YEAH I REMEMBER THIS AND I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! I love that you gave her a baggy white sweater and put her ribbon on her ears as earrings!! Amaya is just.. absolutely perfect. I can’t think of anything better.

I love the spunky Rachel and the way you stylised her hair ;____; Your human designs are so gooddddd!!

Taeshi 1 year ago.

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funfact my parents saw this picture posted on facebook ages ago and they wouldn’t stop fangirling about it lmao

Taeshi 1 year ago.

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Oh my gosh Taeshi, thank you so so much! T___T this really means a lot. and OMG, your parents really did??? that's so nice to hear lol, I'm so happy you all like them!! and also @subliminalsubs, these characters are just way too fun to interpret, I hope I get to draw many more in the future aaaaaah-

Maia 1 year ago.

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OMG I saw this on tumblr and NOW I CAN GUSH ABOUT IT HERE!? I love how cute the human versions are and the earring idea is so good.... it's just amazing, dude #^_^# your art is freaking adorable

sherbery 1 year ago.

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Ahhh these are so great I love ur interpretations!!! They're so cute. I love how u handled rachel's hair!!! If anything Lucy reminds me more of panty (at least in style) rather than kimono. Lucy's outfit is so perfect tho ahhh

invisibleColoration 1 year ago.

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Asfgh thanks you two!! To @invisibleColoration I'm much more okay with Panty lol :D I'm happy a lot of people seem to like the clothes, in my head Lucy prefers comfy clothes while still rocking them pretty/cool.

Maia 1 year ago.

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More lovely stuff Maia

Rateus 1 year ago.

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Woow! Do you have the old one you posted? I'd like to see it!!
Amazing job, can't stop fangirling <3
Also, I'd actually wear Lucy's outfit >O< Can I have it

TravelPastel 1 year ago.

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I don't understand why Amaya is out ein the comic :x

sevenater456 9 months ago.