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Candybooru image #12425, tagged with Lucy MigBird_(Artist) Mike Paulo


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I dunno if this is "low content" but I've been trying to upload the BCB Art Meme all day and it hasn't gone through, so I needed to test to see if the Booru was working at all. Apparently it is, and just doesn't like the meme? I don't know what that's about. Anyone got any input on that?

MigBird 9 months ago.

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Now that's what I call well hung!
Cool drawing.

SCD 9 months ago.

Comment ID #79465

Email it to me. Chances are it’s too big, though, try compressing it more effectively?

SuitCase 9 months ago.

Comment ID #79466

This is great xD I hope you get your BCB meme up soon. :33

Swiftily 9 months ago.

Comment ID #79473

I love how energetic your drawings are!!! That Mike is so ANIMATED I LOVE IT

Taeshi 9 months ago.

Comment ID #79483

like a record

Giraffeics 9 months ago.

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"You spin me right round, baby, right round..."

Autzen_ 8 months ago.

Comment ID #79607

Deep down I have a feeling that something is bad is going to happen to mike

DoctorMEM 8 months ago.