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Candybooru image #12539, tagged with Draw_Stream Jasmine Sandy Taeshi_(Artist)


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All Jasmine has to do is prey to god to smite Sandy and she'll immediately win the match.

SCD 1 year ago.

Comment ID #80038

Sandy looks like she's distracted by Jasmine's body and is about to get hit in the face.

AshuraAtsu 1 year ago.

Comment ID #80071

Damn, she's really cut in those shorts
Wait, what were we doing again?

Daffyhat 1 year ago.

Comment ID #80078

Oh damn, this looks great, love the poses

ChewySmokey 1 year ago.

Comment ID #80142

funny thing is i watched the stream this was one

Justin-Wells 1 year ago.

Comment ID #81247

Sorry Sandy. Indulgences aren't a thing anymore.

kamimatsu 10 months ago.