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Candybooru image #12560, tagged with Abbey Abraham Alejandro Augustus AugustusxAbbey Toby excellent human juicebot_(Artist)


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This came out of no where. It's been sitting on my desktop for a long time and I just now decided to finish it so... I don't really know what to say.

I enjoy imagining these two reacting to each other's backstories, I guess.

juicebot 1 year ago.

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this is absolutely stunning!! i really hope for a day where abbey and august are able to really talk to each other for once and maybe grow not to hate each other haha

will 1 year ago.

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I love this, it's incredible. ♡
I want Abbey and Auggie to be friends more than I can ppsaibly express aaaaa-
Or at least grudgingly respectful of each other.

Yaschiri 1 year ago.

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I love the depiction of their backstories at the sides!

faune 1 year ago.

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I think they would actually get along quite well
The only reason Abbey hates Augustus is because of that one time with Daisy
If they got to know each other, i think they'd be an unstoppable force of TRAGIC BACKSTORY POWER

SheJ_Grum 1 year ago.

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ha ha ha oh man

This is great! The variety of character designs introduced in it really make it like another world

Augustus is such a hot topic dork, that collar

SuitCase 1 year ago.

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THIS IS AMAZING!!!~ It would be so awesome if they knew each other's backstories, maybe they'd be friends :3

TravelPastel 1 year ago.

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kenketsu 1 year ago.

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Alamoraine 1 year ago.

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I just noticed Augustus has some sort of nose ring?

TravelPastel 1 year ago.

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Nvm that's just the style ^O^b

TravelPastel 1 year ago.

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This is so amazing and powerful, great designs and colours wow! It's really stunning.... I love what you draw with these boys so much

Maia 1 year ago.