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Candybooru image #12672, tagged with AbbeyxLucy AmayaxAugustus Taeshi_(Artist) commission kittens watercolor


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Precious darlings! <3
I wanted to use my KS request to bring some kittens into the world that (afaik) didn't exist yet.
I picked Abbey x Lucy because it's definitely one of the more viable "crack" pairings- I imagine this future where they end up at the same college, and eventually bond over their shared struggles with violence/depression/crap that Paulo did.

Augustus x Amaya was just because those two characters don't have enough canon kittens imo.. Amaya's got them strong tabby genes though

And obviously any kittens from Lucy and Augustus will be friends because their parents are BFFs

thank you so much for them Taeshi!! <3
If you read this though please tell me- Did AbbeyxLucy get his/her momma's blue or daddy's green eyes? Or that special recessive heterochromia?? I'm dying to know!

blitzkerg 4 years ago.

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Cool request blitzkerg and cool drawing Taeshi.

SCD 4 years ago.

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Sweet precious babies :love: :love: :love:

lumpywumpy 4 years ago.

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Who would have thought Amaya x Augustus kitten would be sososo cute? Love it! <33

TravelPastel 4 years ago.

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Aesthetically I woulda chosen blue eyes to make Lucy's influence more apparent :O

Taeshi 4 years ago.

Comment ID #80742

Oh my gooooossshhh look at these precious kittens.

SnowyPaint 4 years ago.