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Candybooru image #12677, tagged with SuitCase Taeshi Taeshi_(Artist)


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This is my watercolor drawing that I requested for backing the BCB Vol. 5 Kickstarter project, I asked Taeshi to draw Suitcase punching Braixen in the face while screaming “I HATE FURRIES!” and she's cheering him on.
It's a idea I had for a long time, it's based on Suitcase's dislike on furry looking Pokemon. So I have him punching my favorite Pokemon in the face, LOL!
Suitcase confirmed for Pokken Tournament DX.
You did a excellent job on it Taeshi, it came out great.

SCD 1 year ago.

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omg this is awesome XD

blitzkerg 1 year ago.

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Suitcase you monster. ._.

Like to see him try to punch a Midnight Lycanroc. It won't end well for him. :smirk:

Blue_Sly 1 year ago.

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He will punch Midnight Lycanroc right in the nose, it will yelp and run away crying and then he will do a victory dance celebrating that he defeated another furry looking Pokemon.

SCD 1 year ago.

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I would rethink that, given Midnight Lycanroc's Pokedex's. :P

Sun: "The more intimidating the opponent it faces, the more this Pokémon's blood boils. It will attack with no regard for its own safety."

Moon: "It goads its enemies into attacking, withstands the hits, and in return, delivers a headbutt, crushing their bones with its rocky mane."

You don't want to be on its bad side, and I think Suitcase would have issues and lots of regret too for picking a fight with it. XD

Blue_Sly 1 year ago.

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He will pull out the same mask that Eustace Bagge uses to scare Courage to scare Midnight Lycanroc away.

SCD 1 year ago.

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I'm sure he does hate Renamon

Marko 1 year ago.

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What intention does this have, exactly? I'm a furry myself and feel a bit unsure about this pic.

Square-Wave_Kittycat 1 year ago.

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Oliver! Naughty!

Rateus 1 year ago.

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furries hate him too

HowlinHannah 10 months ago.

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Taeshi 10 months ago.