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He is Augustus and he steals (Mike's innocence).

MissH 2 years ago.

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I always thought Mike was more girly than his sister.

SCD 2 years ago.

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Awwww! So adorable!!

Random 2 years ago.

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Watch out Augustus! It's a trap! XD

Shade 2 years ago.

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listen I'm always here for Mike dressin fresh as hell and/or cute as a button
also yikes, Shade, did you really have to drop such a transphobic joke about this, my dude? not only is it rude as hell but Mike's just dressed up in feminine clothing, why would someone dressing cute mean they're trans???

leporibae 2 years ago.

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Yeah Shade there's REALLY huge baggage when it comes to calling a person a "trap" that can genuinely get trans people killed, so it's not really a great joke to make :| Even if you're trying to be lighthearted, it encourages the already-existent-in-many-people's mentality that trans people are just trying to trick you (which they're not) and as leporibae said, it's just Mike wearing a dress. The cute outfit doesn't mean he's trans in this.

Taeshi 2 years ago.

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ty for clarifying, Taeshi!! as a trans person, I really appreciate your support and the explanation as to why the joke is ... not so good lmao. I mean when I wrote my comment, not only was I super tired but I was feeling a little hurt by the joke, so I failed to explain why it was upsetting, but the most effective tool for ending transphobia is education. I'm really glad that one of my all-time fav artists is always comin in clutch - your tolerance and care and allyship all mean a whole lot to me, as I'm sure they do to many other trans fans of BCB! ^___^ <33

leporibae 2 years ago.

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Probably going to get stoned here but I "personally" found the joke Shade made funny. Mainly because I didn't know what a "trap" was till recently when I watched Gigguk's video "Summer 2017 Anime in a Nutshell". I don't think making it out how everybody thinks. Again, just my opinion...

afro6gunslinger 2 years ago.

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not here to stone you, dude, but like ... what about it is funny? the joke is just that trans people are scary, icky, out to get you/surprise you, etc??? trans people are just trying to live their lives like none of us are trying to trick folks, we just want to be recognized as the gender we identify with and not get ridiculed or killed for it. even when trans folk are trying to "stealth" (meaning they try to keep the knowledge that they are transgender private), it's solely for their own comfort and to breathe easier in public and never to "trick" anybody. from what I understand, the joke that trans people are "traps" also has to do with the misconception that, like, trans people are looking for romantic/sexual encounters and if you happen to enter one with them, you'd be (unpleasantly) surprised by the fact that they'd have whatever genitals you wouldn't expect them to have (like that you'd think you were with a girl only to get in a private situation with her and find out she had a *****). that's ... also not correct for a few reasons, first that trans people who try to stealth up until they're in such an encounter tend to get brutalized or killed. almost all the trans people I know either avoid sexual encounters with strangers or disclose the fact that they're transgender to someone long before they ever have the chance to enter a sexual encounter with whoever. trans people aren't out in the world trying to trick as many folks as they can into sex with them.
plus, uh, Mike isn't being depicted as trans here. he's just wearing a dress (and looking good as hell while doing it, might I add, like get it Mike what's up). so even if it was somehow funny to call trans people "traps," the joke would make no sense here.
sorry for such a long comment. as a transgender person, I'm just always after trying to disspell the misinformation that get us ostracized and killed. (also, if anything needs clarifying, let me know - I'm a little distracted by playing video games with my friends as I write this!)

leporibae 2 years ago.

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@leporibae don’t apologise for the long comment, it’s totally cool for you to explain and it’s absolutely justifiable to be hurt by such a “joke", because regardless of the joke being funny to some people like @afro6gunslinger, it doesn’t stop it from being harmful and doesn’t stop it from hurting trans people in the real world. It doesn’t absolve it from bad origins just because you think it’s funny.

It’s a “joke” that originates from really transphobic and dangerous beliefs, whether it’s feeling angry that a trans person is “tricking you” (Which has gotten trans women killed from angry violent men expecting cis women for example!!) or fetishizing the “trickery”, when the point is that trans people aren’t trying to trap you nor trick you, they just wanna live and be themselves and find love and be respected for their gender!!!

Taeshi 2 years ago.

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Taeshi you are a godsend omg ;__; <333

leporibae 2 years ago.

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MikexSandyforlife 2 years ago.

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Honestly my first impression was they are role-playing and Augustus just likes heavily-decorated outfits and lolita fashion being heavily-decorated was sheer coincidence, and Mike is pretending the other heavily-decorated cat is Sandy.

kamimatsu 2 years ago.