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I was thinking for a while: What if Mike did want to apology? To me, it seems like he wanted to justify himself instead of feeling sorry for what he did. So what would he have said if he did feel sorry?
Well, I think he would have been thinking a lot about what to say ‘in case Lucy gets back’. That’s why he doesn’t start by answering what she said, but by apologying: In his head, he repeated over and over again what he would apology for, and what he was angry about, but the guild made him focus on the apologying part.

Next time I’ll paint the characters myself, but this was mostly about what Mike would have said (in my opinion) if he did regret what he said.

Not really happy with the result of what I wrote, but what do you guys think?

ComicEmpress 3 years ago.

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And then Lucy says the same thing she said in Canon because she's Lucy.

kamimatsu 3 years ago.

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interesting! i always thought that mike only confronted lucy because of his weird feelings but if he did feel sorry and approached it like this, i think that would be interesting. although i doubt mike would say the speech bubble in the last panel. i don't think he cares about lucy that much to give up whatever he had already.

also for lucy .. i still doubt she'd forgive him LOL

Box 3 years ago.

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I have no clue XD In Canon she did know him to well to know he was faking his regret. But if he did feel sorry, and he could make it clear... I wonder what her reaction would be... She gave him the middle finger when she realised he wasn't sorry for anything at all

In the chapter December, page 29, he tells her he's gonna leave the table. I thought, if he did regret what he said, he would probably leave the table :)

ComicEmpress 3 years ago.

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Oh right! I forgot about that..
Well he says he's going to leave the table and Lucy is worried that he's going to be alone but Mike says that why would he be alone? Daisy will follow and then abbey automatically would, then Paulo would follow because of daisy and then David would follow next.
I still think Mike cares about himself too much to say that'll he leave the table
I mean tbh I think Mike kind of
Needs the table and friends because without it, I think he would be really lonely because Sandy doesn't respond back to him that much :^[

Box 3 years ago.

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this is a very lovably naive candybooru post

SuitCase 3 years ago.

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But at the same time she didn't know him enough to know he wasn't trying to come on to her. Like she only sees two possible Mikes. One who wants to get with her, or one who hates her, but nothing in between.

As for not really caring:
Seems more like he does care, but he's also terrified of her, which is justified, since mere hours ago she turned a PTSD flashback into a PR stunt. Sort of like he didn't know what to say without it being taken the wrong way. He got cornered and it was taken as stalking. Sometimes people need time to know what to say, and that goes extra when you know the other person habitually spins what people say. The thing to remember is people are expecting him to just say exactly the right thing when he's not only forced in the encounter with no preparation, but talking to someone who probably has already decided the history of this encounter.

The only thing I can see where she would know is if she were playing his own trauma for its own sake. The PTSD PR stunt, accusing someone who was avoiding her of seeking her out, accusing him of coming onto her when he previously said no (and that time was actually mature about it and was avoiding her out of trying not to lead her on), basically she knows what scars were made and that there's nowhere more painful to hit than an open wound.

kamimatsu 3 years ago.