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Candybooru image #12944, tagged with JEMCIV_(Artist) Katie animated


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as seen on stream. the squad's all here now

JEMCIV 3 years ago.

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Cool GIF.

SCD 3 years ago.

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so are you a creep ironically and that's why people tolerate you, or what

yitz 3 years ago.

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way to be rude. get out of here with that

JEMCIV 3 years ago.

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so when you go to post stuff do you ever mix up your sexy drawings of teenagers with your sexy drawings of children and have to delete? just asking

yitz 3 years ago.

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as i dont draw children, no i dont mix them

JEMCIV 3 years ago.

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jemciv doesn't draw child smut

PickYerPoison 3 years ago.

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first off, you do realize the comic itself had more happen to someone who couldn't be older than 13, right? and augustus was even younger.

second, it's a fictional character. ff7 isn't snuff, heavy rain isn't telling anyone to take a shot then take the shot. undertale isn't torture porn, and you know why all this is? because none of it is real.

third, this exact thing was done in the comic. it's a whole chapter. and she's even younger there. and we get commentary from paulo.

fourth. she's not even the only one in canon to act sexually or stereotypically so. there's rachael and david as well. rachael is even confirmed to have had sex with paulo no less than 5 times in one night.

so yeah. it's not new to the setting and even if it were, since there's no law against it, the final say goes to the site owners. i can't speak for them, but neither can you.

kamimatsu 3 years ago.

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kamimatsu no offense but like... im pretty sure yitz is referring to the Loads and Loads of pornographic art that jemciv has drawn of the comic characters, including molly (but like molly is just More Underage than all of these characters, drawing nsfw of any of them is pretty uhhh not okay, since they're ALL minors).

like none of the more graphic stuff is here, but it's put directly into the tumblr tag.

also, your whole "fiction is fiction" thing is first of all not cool, and second of all is VERY uncool. there have been studies done that SHOW that fiction influences reality, & that many adults use pornography of underage characters to groom underage kids. it's... extremely bad, and contributing to it whether you intend to or not is Extremely Bad

re: the comic includes stuff, the comic includes ALLUSIONS to underage characters being sexually involved with other underage characters.... jemciv draws straight up porn of that stuff. one is to tell the story, the other is Clearly for someone's sexual enjoyment.

"it's not illegal" isn't even true; if you draw art of underage characters, you can be found guilty of owning child porn which IS illegal. so. you don't really have a leg to stand on here.

comfit 3 years ago.

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im not doing this whole arguement again.

silly cartoon animals arent depictions of kids.

JEMCIV 3 years ago.

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i will go through the blog and delete all the candybowl tags however. i can do that much for you

JEMCIV 3 years ago.

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I'm not saying anyone needs to go to jail here but it only takes a little googling and a strong stomach to confirm that jemciv's either lying about not drawing kiddie porn or unclear about how old Molly is

so, original question - is everyone OK with this or do people just not know

yitz 3 years ago.

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or maybe...thisll blow your mind...both of your conclusions are ignorant

JEMCIV 3 years ago.

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So by "I don't draw children" you meant you don't draw from life? Because you definitely draw pictures of children having sex, and I have to hope you're using your imagination

yitz 3 years ago.

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by 'i dont draw children', i meant just that. in the literal sense. animals arent children. the problem here is your inability to tell the difference. figure it out then move on with your life.

JEMCIV 3 years ago.

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There are no actual children being drawn therefor no actual children being harmed.

If you don't like it, ignore it. JEMCIV is entitled to draw whatever they like.

"isn't even true; if you draw art of underage characters, you can be found guilty of owning child porn which IS illegal"

You are wrong actually, since the sexualized image or actual porn MUST very realistically depict an actual minor. Which this does not. If JEMCIV was brought to court, the case would be tossed. Look at Ashcroft VS Free Speech. Here in the US creative freedom and "obscene" is subjective, thus protected under law.

Yaschiri 3 years ago.

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"there have been studies done that SHOW that fiction influences reality, & that many adults use pornography of underage characters to groom underage kids."

Also literally anything can be used to groom children, so this is a bad argument for policing what people produce. And of course fiction affects reality, but generally in good ways.

Basically, don't try to control what people make content of, it's not going to work and is uncool.

Yaschiri 3 years ago.

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of course the people arguing against fiction affects reality would be the person who draws tween porn and the person who drew incest lmao

Raku 3 years ago.

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Apologies if I've offended your delicate sensibilities, @Raku, except I'm not.

Also, stop calling it that and undermining the fact that actual child porn exists which contains real children being sexually abused.

Yaschiri 3 years ago.

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“delicate sensibilities” dude incest isn’t something to be proud of lmfao

It’s terribly naive to think that drawing porn of characters who are underage don’t affect the world and are harmless, as it’s pretty evident that in fandoms when that kinda work is celebrated and easily accessible it starts leading into super skeezy territory, especially when it comes to fandoms that have kids. Kids want to be cool and want to fit in, so kids start trying to indulge in what the “grown ups” are doing. Which is literally textbook grooming and maybe you’re not intending to prey on kids, but it’s an environment that gives predators easy access.

Be mindful of who shares the same fandom as you. You might not like it, but BCB has a ton of fans who are minors and they absolutely should not be subjected to creepy shit. BCB’s early years were way more “laissez faire” when it comes to letting the fandom do what it wants and I deeply regret a lot of that because of all the creeps it brought and shitty behaviour it inspired. If you think it doesn’t affect things to normalise porn in your community you clearly haven’t had the experience I’ve had to live through.

Taeshi 3 years ago.

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@Tae: I'm sorry you feel that way, but the content creators are not to be blamed. The internet is not a safe space as a whole. If you choose not to allow this to be posted on your site, then that's your right as the site owners. However, doesn't stop the fact that this is something that will continue to be produced. No different then people who draw characters, BCB or otherwise, horribly mutilated or dying or bloodied up or whatever.

Again I'll say, literally anything can be used to groom a child. Does that mean we stop producing candy, video games, books, or any other number of things because they have the potential to be misused? No, of course not, that is rediculous. You can only protect yourself or your children by monitoring them.

I don't care if it's incest, under age smut, gore, violence, drug abuse, what the fuck ever. Let people produce it. And trying to stop or dicourage them is a very blatant form of policing people's freedom to draw and write as they please.

If you don't like it, fine, but stop trying to police the internet, it doesn't work.

Yaschiri 3 years ago.

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"they'll just find other ways so why bother" is such a dumb argument

PickYerPoison 3 years ago.

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I know I don’t have control over what other creators make and I know creators will create no matter what, but I’m 10000% okay with people calling them out on making gross things because the internet is not a safe space for creepy creators either :^)

Taeshi 3 years ago.

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@Tae: That assumes that people only create shit like that to be creepy. Nobody ever thinks that it's possible they may create for other reasons, though I already know where this conversation is going, so feel free to guess what those might be (hint, you probably have no clue, nor would you believe me if I told you).

@PickYerPoison: I never said that though-
I'm just all about creative freedom, no matter how uncomfortable it may make someone. Very sorry you don't see it the same way. :P

Yaschiri 3 years ago.

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hey Yaschiri have you ever used the phrase SJW unironically

SuitCase 3 years ago.

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I like Katie's eyes.

MissH 3 years ago.

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I too believe that even the most disgusting, abhorrent, unconstructive, thoughtless, and harmful viewpoints should be allowed to go unchallenged

PickYerPoison 3 years ago.

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im just facepalming at people ping-ponging between arguements

JEMCIV 3 years ago.

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jemciv draws child smut

PickYerPoison 3 years ago.

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jemciv draws cartoon animal smut, who some people believe is child smut of actual children because of ages in the story

JEMCIV 3 years ago.

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I forget where it was exactly, but I believe I saw somewhere that the average length of a BCB character pregnancy is roughly 3 months. Knowing that a Human pregnancy is roughly 9 months, which is 75%(ish) of the year (12 months). Thus, BCB character age 3 years to 1 Human year (3x as fast), since 3 is 75% of 4. This means that, depending on how many months it's been since Katie's 10th birthday, Katie might be in her early 30's biological-clock-wise. We know that it's been at least a couple of months since the start of the comic, so Katie is most likely 10 years and 2 months old, which translates to her 30 1/2 years old at least on her biological clock. This ALSO means that a BCB character's sexual maturity, based on what we know about human biology translated into BCB character biology, happens roughly around at 4-5 years old (12-15).

SuitCase 3 years ago.

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"jemciv draws cartoon animal smut"
Do you ever listen to yourself talk?

Royablle 3 years ago.

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"hey Yaschiri have you ever used the phrase SJW unironically"

Maybe, who knows. It's A Mystery.

"I too believe that even the most disgusting, abhorrent, unconstructive, thoughtless, and harmful viewpoints should be allowed to go unchallenged"

Encouraging people to be violent towards others, hate certain races/genders/ages/sexualities/etc for no reason, or encouraging actual, y'know for real child porn among other actual attrocoties is shitty, and not what I'm doing. They're cartoon characters, not real children being harmed. P:

@JEMCIV: Sorry, didn't intend on jumping into this, and yet here I am.

Anyway since I'm sure this is not going anywhere, here is me bowing out of this argument happily.

Still love this .gif. ♡

Yaschiri 3 years ago.

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thank you for your wonderful contribution, royabbe

JEMCIV 3 years ago.

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I got a family member of mine arrested for possession of child porn. "For real child porn." Photographs and such of real life children. It is a very serious and concerning issue, and absolutely nothing short of vile. He started with fiction first. He started drawing first.

That being said, thank you to those who pointed out this artist's history. After checking myself, yeah, that's pretty cringey (at best) depictions of Molly. Most characters here are minors, so it's all icky, but it's the most creepy with Molly since she's so young. No matter if the character is an anthropomorphic cat kiddo or a human drawing, it's still disgusting.

I admire your art style, Jemciv, but I am glad that the person to point this out did not just ignore this and move on, but shared this info because I can't morally support an artist who finds nothing wrong themselves with drawing porn of underage fictional characters. I've already spoken to a few other BCB fans who are also glad they now know.

Mewzia 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82245

the fact that these are cartoon furries doesn't change the fact that it's child porn. as Taeshi said, there are underage fans of this comic. Do you look at the characters of the comic and think "uh, that's just a big cat."???? Because most readers that *I* know look at the characters and go "oh, this character reminds me of me, and that character reminds me of my friend, and..." They're drawn as anthros. But that doesn't make them not human. You know? Literally all it takes is a younger reader identifying with Molly or Lucy or WHOEVER, and then they can be shown explicit pornography with Molly or Lucy and be told "Look, they do grown up things. They're in your favorite comic. Don't you want to be more like them?"

The difference between this and candy is that candy's main purpose is for anyone to eat and enjoy. All kids have been warned against strangers with candy, so they know that it CAN be misused and are therefore taught to avoid it in that specific scenario. People are always going to be gross and evil, but candy is still something people can eat without the connection to predators.

The main purpose of porn is for people to get off to it. So, the main purpose of porn of underage characters is for people to get off to underage characters. This is INHERENTLY linked with pedophilia. I don't care if you're a pedophile or not, you can't get away from the fact that it is the sexualization of children, which is pedophilia.

comfit 3 years ago.

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also taeshi, thank you for speaking up against this.

comfit 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82247

NSFW of fiction has proven to be an outlet, allowing one to avoid bringing it to reality, no different than a violent game. Blogs have tags. If it's tagged nsfw, that's basically the only responsibility the artist has. They've placed something to say it's not for younger people to see. If someone goes against it, they had their chance. People tried this with everything. It goes as far back as reading. Just reading. This isn't a slippery slope argument either. It already happened. Still does.

If a kid isn't allowed somewhere, there's no point in mandating kid friendly all over the place for them.

The only reason, and I mean the only one, that I would be against a specific type of any fiction would be if the owner forbids it, not because of the contents, but because failure to respect the owner's conditions IS illegal.

That, and only that, could be an argument against bcb porn. I don't agree with the reason, but as I said previously, I don't speak for the owners. Legally they do own the characters.

However to yitz, that is not a reason for public callouts. You are a clear example of uninformed vigilantism.

kamimatsu 3 years ago.

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dude, comfit literally just explained everything wrong with this in like the most simple way possible too. the general 'unspoken rule' is that this comic is for people 13+ but thats STILL in the range of a child. it isnt the kids responsibility if they accidentally find porn or get manipulated with it because one of the adults in the fandom couldnt keep it in their pants when they saw anthropomorphic teenagers theres is essentially no difference between a teenager and a teenager with a cat head and a tail why are we pretending like there is

Raku 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82249

I specifically said the blog. The blog has the tag. And if an adult shows it, the adult is to blame. If a kid goes to an nsfw blog tagged nsfw, regardless of the rating of what it is based on, that isn't the blogger's responsibility. The tag was it. And until the callout they succeeded. It took a secret police to find them

kamimatsu 3 years ago.

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@Raku unfortunately, they both draw incest :C though JEMCIV's mollyxabbey makes me a feel little more sick than Yaschiri's stuff

@kamimatsu JEMCIVs nsfw was in the bcb tag. it wasn't hard to find at all. and a lot of minors don't automatically blacklist "nsfw" (especially if they're particularly young), because they might not even know what it is, or what blacklisting a tag is. that's just a flaw that can't be helped, unless blogs make it so that anything tagged "nsfw" is automatically blocked by anyone under 18's account, or done by someone older.

hifu 3 years ago.

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yeah the blog could be found by tags by anyone. an oversight on my part.

and it was really never intended to be shared at all. it was there for people who *wanted* to go looking for it to be all 'haha what are they doing?' then move on to actually entertaining content on the internet. but with people taking to far, yeah it has to stop

JEMCIV 3 years ago.

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they don't have to. tumblr has an option for adult blogs to check off so you can't view them unless you have an account and are an adult. it's opt in.

kamimatsu 3 years ago.

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just went and checked the settings. blogs can be marked as explicit

kamimatsu 3 years ago.

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@kamimatsu oh sweet, that's so cool! it wasn't a feature when i first used blogs, so i ended up seeing some things that i shouldn't have at my age.

@JEMCIV i'm sorry, but i don't think i really understand what you mean... what's being taken too far? the comments on this piece? while i agree that its unrelated to the actual artwork here, lots of people are happy that they know you draw CP of Molly, because they cant morally support someone who sees nothing wrong with it. were you drawing it ironically or something? is that what you meant by the "haha what are they doing?" thing?

hifu 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82258

thats kind of the gist of it. nothing there was to be taken seriously, but lo and behold look what happened

JEMCIV 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82259

its so weird this argument started on this pic.......y'all wild

MiaaaCS 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82260

i mean.........i know i personally will *never* be comfortable with some of the smut JEMCIV draws ((especially incest)).........but i also know me saying "don't do that" won't really change anything......idk

MiaaaCS 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82261

You don't have to be comfortable with something or agree with it to let it be. Not hating someone doesn't require liking everything they do.

Honestly this is rather ironic when part of the theme for the comic itself is even good people not being completely devoid of traits people don't like, as well as what happens when people act too rashly.

kamimatsu 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82262

hey JEMCIV, i really appreciate that you took the art out of the bcb tag. thank you

comfit 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82266

So after reading this thread here's my closing thoughts

I think in the final analysis the thing that's creepy about JEMCIV is not that he draws porn or even that he draws fetish porn - it's the denial. The idea that drawing a prepubescent girl getting fucked by her big brother doesn't count as drawing child pornography because she's a furry is such a transparent dodge that I genuinely worry about the dude if he believes it. And the cognitive dissonance that comes from that denial leads to him sharing his art in inappropriate places because he can't let himself see it for what it is.

So I'm glad to have started this conversation in hopes that the artist might readjust the way he thinks about what he does - and also because of the apologists it brought out of the woodwork. It's good that we know who you are and what you're willing to tolerate.

I encourage people to draw whatever fucked up shit they want to, but if it's going to work as an "outlet" you need to understand what it is you're drawing, where it's appropriate to share it and what kind of community you're a part of. I suggest that you let the author determine what kind of community this is.

yitz 3 years ago.

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wait...all this is really over a years-old commissioned drawing? i hope youre mad at the person i took money from too

JEMCIV 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82269

I chose the most egregious example, but hardly the only one! I'm sad that you're still deflecting. Own it!

yitz 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82270

i made changes. what happened to closing thoughts?

JEMCIV 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82279


I'm pretty sure you are projecting right now. Let JEMCIV draw whatever they want. Some of the best art I have seen is from them.

Seriously if you are getting triggered by something someone draws on the internet then maybe it's time to take a break, breathe and get a hobby or something.

nostalgicmitten 3 years ago.

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@Yitz I've been keeping track of this whole conversation and I just want to thank you. Your closing thoughts are on point. I couldn't have said it better, myself. Don't let these fools invalidate you or your concerns.

This was an important discussion for everyone to have and I'm glad it happened. Potential Pedophilia and how it could affect REAL children is always a topic worth serious discussion. It's one thing to argue in defense of freedom of the arts but it's an entirely other thing to act as if worrying about the safety of children is in anyway unreasonable or "taking matters too far." Besides, a little conversation has never hurt anyone. Freedom of speech means that you can draw whatever you want but it ALSO means that absolutely no one is exempt from receiving criticism.

As artists, it's our job to consider our audience. Fiction IS fiction but putting child porn in an area that's readily available to easily influenceable children crosses the border of fiction vs. reality.

I couldn't care less what two characters do on paper. It's the REAL human beings being influenced by said art that I'm concerned about. The problem has nothing to do with fiction and everything to do with reality.

Thank you for taking out the tags, JEMCIV. I hope you learn to accept your sexuality and take responsibility for it. (AKA stop treating pedophilia like a joke.)

juicebot 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82283

i talked to who i needed to and did what i could.

what i cant do anymore is entertain white knights for fake cats. if theyre human to you, fine. but it doesnt make it objectively true. i will not be moved into thinking those pics are on the same level as actual cp of actual children, or even like 3d renderings or realistic drawings of fictitious children.

im not though, saying that it all of a sudden makes it ok for everyone to look at, of course it doesnt. that was never my point. people, especially younger ones, have these moldable, plastic minds that can absolutely be skewed by fictional content and can very well lead to some real consequences. thus, nothing i do is really intended for them, directly or indirectly. having things so easily found by such people on tumblr was a mistake and not purposeful. ill eat that one and apologize for it

also i do agree all this can be a good opportunity for discussion about an important and serious matter. it just couldve worked better without all the accusations and selective reading from your side of the fence

i know where im going when this ride is over, but ill be enjoying a view from a level above where all the predators are

JEMCIV 3 years ago.

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if you're going to judge based purely on potential, you've forgotten what action is.

kamimatsu 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82286

and it seems people still aren't aware of the explicit option on tumblr. the one exclusively for keeping kids out. the one that invalidates anything about it being where kids see it

kamimatsu 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82287

kami, the idea is that theres these big age differences in bcb groups outside of tumblr, where folk who are old enough to see said explicit tumblr material share it with people who arent, and theres a indirect fault to me if those young people get hurt by it. that is what was being hinted at by the 'grooming' thing.

thus i shouldnt cater pics to the interests of these groups anymore

JEMCIV 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82288

hhh popping back in to add that my own closing thoughts are that we all handled this conversation very poorly, myself included, and i'm sorry about that. this should've been a conversation rather than a callout as callout culture... doesn't ever solve anything
JEMCIV, i'm glad you took the art out of the tag. I still don't at all understand why you think that drawing the children as furries makes it less able to affect real life (see my longass comment earlier on this). But. We're past the point of general discussion already, so, my b on not being able to present this in a better light.

i DO have to add tho that uhhhhh @nostalgicmitten do you know..... how triggers work? because A) nobody said they were being triggered by this and B) nobody... has control over what they're triggered by? i got triggered by fwuckin. bcb fetish pregnancy art the other day and i'd Love It if that didn't happen because it's so dumb and unfun. but i didn't say anything about it other than asking them to remove it from the bcb tag or mark it as mature so i didn't have to like... get triggered by it lol. Your misunderstanding of triggers is .. understandable with the anti-sjw culture that's around, but it's something that IS a misunderstanding.

ok that's all peace out

comfit 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82313

if the people share it, it's their own active decision they knowingly made, and blaming you for it would be no different than blaming the computer company that let them access it in the first place. guilt by association is not real. it's an invented excuse people create to invent enemies where none exist. you're taking blame that belongs to people who made decisions themselves independent of you. if guilt by association were a valid argument, every single person here, without exception, would have had some reason for being guilty, including the ones against it for pointing out it exists for anyone who they are worried would share it. do you see where the hole in that is? that's what would be true if guilt by association could be used. but it can't.

kamimatsu 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82314

what i'm getting at is, if a person old enough to make decisions on their own make a decision, blame them for making that decision, not those who failed to stop them.

kamimatsu 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82316

comfit, literally just said i agreed that fiction can affect reality. communication is clearly a one way street for you

JEMCIV 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82322

surprised to see jemicev finally called out for all the underage porn he draws, and here of all places
it’s a good kind of surprise tho lmao

leporibae 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82329

Boi gee, lets leave things like this to private messages if y'all have big problems like this that you wish to discuss. I mean you can do it here, but it also muddies up alot of garbage, because people throw their own two-cents in when its not needed when things are already dealt with.

SeinEli 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82330

yo jemciv im trying to like actually communicate now instead of just yelling, can you please actually help me out instead of just making snide comments? also i'm not really sure i understand what you mean, since the last thing you said was "if theyre human to you, fine. but it doesnt make it objectively true."

&& yeah SeinEli i .. agree, this got rly messy because a lotta people (me included) were jumping in w/ emotions and sht rather than like. having a discussion abt it.

comfit 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82334

really? couldve fooled me.

also i have nothing else to say to you

JEMCIV 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82335

If you agreed, you would have left by now. But you wanted the last word. That's what matters. Not the point of it. Not the facts. Just who speaks last. That! is sick.

kamimatsu 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82336

I'm shamelessly taking the "last" word because Kamimatsu thinks it's sick to do so and I'm feeling like a particularly horrible human being today. ;)
(It's kind of a shame though because their comment would have made a wonderfully ironic final message.)

There's nothing sick about you. You came into this conversation with nothing but good intentions, emotional or not. You reflected on your own biases and owned up to them. You then tried to approach the conversation maturely. Hell, you even extended an olive branch.

I didn't want to sit around and say nothing when I recognized clear gaslighting for what it is.

juicebot 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82342

I was talking about ONLY caring about the last word. Not just happening to have it.

And extending an olive branch isn't "I'll agree but only after this one last hit."

And I don't think you know what Gaslighting is. Lived 26 years of it. You have no idea the things it involves. THAT it ALWAYS involves, without exception. Things you CAN'T detect easily unless you've been on either end of it for years, and in one end, still rarely. You wanna pretend you know what Gaslighting is? dm me at mercurio#9411 for your version of it.

kamimatsu 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82343

Closing of the thread, no more comments on this. *Hops into time machine to become Trunks and make sure this never happens.*

SeinEli 3 years ago.

Comment ID #82373

kamimatsu you have no authority to be a gatekeeper to ~true gaslighting~. You don’t know if juicebot has experienced gaslighting themselves, and you’re making it an uncomfortable environment where you’re putting them in a position where they have to tell you their history in order to continue an argument, and that absolutely sucks. It’s a poisonous way to discuss things, as it makes victims have to out their traumatic experiences to justify their beliefs.

You all need to drop it. Everything that’s been said has been said, and at this point it’s just people trying to snipe to get the last word in, and that’s not constructive at all.

Taeshi 3 years ago.

Comment ID #84039


purin2 3 years ago.