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Candybooru image #12952, tagged with Lucy Madison esinololly_(Artist)


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I like Madison. She is very quick to anger and has very little tolerance threshold (oh gee does this sound familiar to any of you?), but she really does stick up for her friends often and isn’t afraid to address an elephant in the room that is hurting someone she cares about.

Sometimes, I feel pretty bad for her. Friends of her friends keep mistaking/framing her as some random girl she has never met and it must really suck to find out that her girlfriend has a crush on this person. It’s like she feels she is being treated like a placement holder rather than her own person. That’s gotta tear at the self image and confidence of someone as young as herself. I don’t like the fact that she threatens to kill Lucy because of her friends doings when Lucy herself had nothing to do with that, though. Yeesh. But it doesn’t help that characters keep referencing her as Lucy in one way or another. It’s like picking at a scab...

I also don’t like the fact that she called her female classmates “dumb bimbos” either. (Love Again, Page 4) That’s.. That’s terrible Madison. Not cool at all. I hope you learn to respect others, especially ones who had nothing to do with the drama between Paulo and Rachael. It’s not their fault Paulo flirted with them first and I highly doubt they talked back to him just to hurt Rachael.

But all in all, Madison is pretty a-ok in my books. She definitely has room for improvement, of course, but she’s a young kid who is learning like the rest of them. She is just very upfront with her feelings and not afraid to approach people. I look forward to the day she meets Lucy. I hope they’ll end up bonding over gossiping about people being idiots rather than be at each others necks.

esinololly on November 8, 2017.

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That made me understand and empathize a bit more for her... Just feeling like a filler </3
Great artwork tho!

TravelPastel on November 9, 2017.

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Aww Maddie, why so sad? We love you!

Rateus on November 9, 2017.

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Poor Madison! And wonderful art too. I would be so happy if her and Lucy became bff's :)

Civvi on November 9, 2017.

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This one is so arty and cute!!! I love it, good work!

SuitCase on November 10, 2017.

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Aww, Maddie... her fur looks a little darksih - ginger instead of brown, lol. ;)

1434939 on December 30, 2017.