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Candybooru image #12988, tagged with Daisy JayGamer_(Artist) Paulo PauloxDaisy human


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So I've always been a fan of this ship because I liked the way these two got along...
But their recent conversations have been hitting pretty close to home and now I'm a BIG FAN of this ship

i want paulo and daisy to endlessly support each other

JayGamer 11 months ago.

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Omg so cute! :love:

SuperSkittlez 11 months ago.

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This is so freakin cute and I love your style.

katie1113 11 months ago.

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I'm waiting for someone else at the party to go "where's Daisy?


we'll leave her to it for now..."

Paolo is more forwards in your universe!

Rateus 11 months ago.

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supervishion 10 months ago.