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1) fun fact lol nobody in my real life knows I draw and I spam draw once ever few weeks so I don't get a ton of practice in
4) I don't HATE sandy, she's just not seen in the comic enough for me to be attached to her, plus what we do see is from mikes more negative/angsty light
6) I LOVE THESE GUYS' ART. I use an expired art app so I did these styles in own lines. Sorry I really do your guys styles no justice
9)looking back on this chapter after reading the newest ones were we see bits and pieces of mike is pretty concerning. I don't think mike will ever commit suicide like lucy had, but it seems clear that he has THOUGHT about it after Lucy left. Mike thought she was dead/or at least pretty banged up, and blames himself even now. Seeing her progress since the last time he's seen her has most likely made him question why he isn't in a better state either. If anything he's gotten a lot WORSE after lucy's attempt and since she's returned. I think he's depressed, mixed with misplaced anger and just a lot of confused feelings. I could rant on about this, but I don't want to make this comment look even more of a paragraph lol
10)mike mike mike. I love this guy, but he is a very self-centered person. sorry pal. he has his flaws, yes, but he needs to get his head outta his *** and see that his friends want to help him and he's not alone!

garb 2 years ago.

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clutches my HEART ... GARB!!!

comfit 2 years ago.

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i lov all of ur opinions on the comic lol and ur art as always in on Point
i especially lov 10 and 6
also thank u for bein so nice ;o; it means a lot that u like my style !!!

comfit 2 years ago.

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This is the post I didn't know I desperately needed in my life
I love how you make mikes fur darker! I love the way you draw him a lot actually. And botany class, that's my jam. Great job!! :D

irreverses 2 years ago.

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gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang

irreverses 2 years ago.

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You're really good with those different styles!

1434939 2 years ago.

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1434939 2 years ago.

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YOU MADE ME LOVE MIKE!!!! thank you (also i love your art so much)

boyblue 2 years ago.

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OH I HADN'T SEEN THIS! i'm so sorry! you made my style look great!!! : D love your art keep up the great work!

Raku 2 years ago.

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Garbbbb, your art is full of blessings. ;^;

I adore your stle immensely and you habe grade a answers!! Love this meme, thank you for bkessing the booru with it!!!

Yaschiri 2 years ago.

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oh my goodness, I think of doing this meme, but honestly, I am too lazy :P

supervishion 2 years ago.