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Candybooru image #13215, tagged with Lucy Mike Paulo SeinEli_(Artist) Sue blood


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I have a feeling that Mike's lashing out will some how make its way to Lucy and Augustus. Or he will calm down thanks to Sue pointing out that Mike has become to hostile at the mention of his uh, 'healthy' relationship with Sandy.

The long project that i have been working on and posting spoilers in on the bcb discord. I like how this image turned out. I hammered it out with in the last few hours of night in to the day.

SeinEli 3 years ago.

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this... this is perfect!!! no!! this is better than perfect.. wonderful !!

luck 3 years ago.

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Mike is the real villain of the BCB universe.
Nice drawing.

SCD 3 years ago.

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There I go drawing mike with a gash on his head.

SeinEli 3 years ago.

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Well, you were right. The 'Lashing' has made it to Lucy and Augustus, only it wasn't Mike.

Kinroth 3 years ago.