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Candybooru image #13388, tagged with Chatot_(Artist) Daisy DaisyxJasmine Jasmine


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Flower Girlfriends!

A new crack?ship I guess?? Daisy and Jasmine seem really cute together and there wasn't any content for it so I had to take matters into my own hands lol.

They're both named after flowers isn't that fitting.

Chatot 9 months ago.

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This art is soooo cute and an A++ ship aaaa!! I love how round and soft they look!!

LemonHero 9 months ago.

Comment ID #85100

Cool drawing.

SCD 9 months ago.

Comment ID #85101

This is so cute!!! Heck yeah Flower Girls!!!!

Inumaru12 9 months ago.

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I'd never have guessed these would have made a cute couple, which is daft because they are both cute individuals. Really nicely drawn :-)

Rateus 9 months ago.

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what a great couple <3 i love their expressions and the colours in this one so much! precious girls....

Maia 8 months ago.

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OMGGG im so so happy to see someone make + post daisy x jasmine content on here! this is so cute i love your art!!

loveparty 8 months ago.