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Candybooru image #13389, tagged with Augustus Fashion_Contest Lucy cviridian_(Artist)


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"You're not being very helpful, you know."
"I wasn't trying to be."


These are some pretty straightforward character assignments, but I had fun coming up with outfits for both of 'em!

cviridian 11 months ago.

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Augustus: Ohhh by the way, if you'd really like to know... he went that way.
Lucy: Who did?
Augustus: The White Rabbit.
Lucy: He did!
Augustus: He did what?
Lucy: Uh went that way.
Augustus: Who did?
Lucy: Well the White Rabbit!?
Augustus: What rabbit?
Nice drawing.

SCD 11 months ago.

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You made Lucy look sooooo cute. Good job :3

irreverses 11 months ago.

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I totally adore your designs, I love this one for Lucy the most! I feel like it fits her so much, it's reaally cute aahh..

Maia 11 months ago.

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Ooo I like the bow on her speech bubble!~ Quite creative, good work!

TravelPastel 11 months ago.