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Candybooru image #13395, tagged with Abbey Augustus BCB_Art_Meme Daisy Lucy Lucy's_father Lucy's_mother Paulo Slowivy_(Artist) Sue Yashy


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Gosh, this took some finagling to upload! Thank you to the people on the discord for helping me!!

The last panel is a sketch bc I wanted to get this DONE

slowivy 2 years ago.

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I love the way you draw. And the freckles are just such a lovely touch as well!

Goddamn Kermit

LackLuster 2 years ago.

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Oh god all the graduating Augustus drawings are so wonderful ;_______; Makes my heart flutter, and aaajfhdsjhfdgh I love the ASL Lucy/Amaya headcanon!! I feel so bad that I haven’t explored Lucy’s half-deafness more, I’m definitely more conscious about it after reading a few articles about what half-deaf people go through dhgkhdfgkh but that’s definitely a thing to KEEP IN MIND…..

Your freckled Lucy design is super neato!!

Taeshi 2 years ago.

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@Taeshi asjkajJJKL i couldn't draw an ACTUAL reptile so....she became a monster only a mother could love.....

Ohh, just the fact she was half-deaf made 9 yr old me so happy just on its own!! I was like SAME HAT :O!! She made my half-deaf *** so happy, if you do explore it more I'll be excited to see what you do!

Thank you!! :D

slowivy 2 years ago.

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Nice drawings.

SCD 2 years ago.

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THIS IS SO GREAT i love the "i wont hesitate bitch" panel & the ASL headcanon is CUTE AS HELL

comfit 2 years ago.

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@SCD thank you!!

@comfit AA thank you!! I really like how Daisy came out, I lov her curls!

slowivy 2 years ago.

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I love your fan-art, it is adorable!

Rateus 2 years ago.

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This is probably one of my favorite BCB art memes. I adore the way you draw your characters and I love Kermit Yashy

lumpywumpy 2 years ago.

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This is so great! I love crying Augustus~!

Tess 2 years ago.