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Candybooru image #13652, tagged with Lucy cviridian_(Artist) edit


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this is the prize for the winner of the fashion contest, ellibeanz! its a wallpaper that's made for iphone 7.

(if youre wondering about the initals in the corner: it's the initials for my tumblr blog,

cviridian 2 years ago.

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woooooaaaahhhhh!!! this is so PRETTY!! I almost thought for SURE it was official art :OO

the colors are so peaceful. I love it!! great job!!!!

slowivy 2 years ago.

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Wow wow wow!!!! its so beautiful :love: ;_;

faune 2 years ago.

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She is like original one. That's for sure.

Angel5a 2 years ago.

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Amazing. Happy Lucy is best Lucy.

Rateus 2 years ago.