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Candybooru image #13708, tagged with Abbey Amaya BCB_Art_Meme Blur Daisy David Jasmine Justin Mike Molly Paulo Rachel Sandy Sue


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After Working on it since the new BCB Meme was finished. I have finally finished filling in every question.

After my previous attempt with the original draw meme I wanted to try and give this one 100% more effort.

Hope it came out well d=(´▽`)=b

baron_von_jiggly 3 years ago.

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Cool drawings.

SCD 3 years ago.

Comment ID #86408

that mike panel oh my . G OD

slowivy 3 years ago.

Comment ID #86426

Baron, your art is phenomenal!

Rateus 3 years ago.

Comment ID #86443

Your meme is so damn right (number 11 is the best)

Marko 3 years ago.