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(i kno this isn’t his canon design but i wanted 2 mess around with it)

hi. i like mike a lot. i also like lucy a lot. but i hate them being within 10 feet of each other. i’m not sure y everyone seems to b afraid to say that lucy was horrible to mike, bc she really was. i know lucy is an overall fav among most and i get that bc she’s relatable but u gotta acknowledge that she had no right to treat ppl the way she did. she physically abused mike and constantly made fun of him. he was totally allowed to want her out of his life bc she made him feel awful. guys cutting toxic ppl out is allowed. the hell. he also did not owe her a relationship. literally the entire cast pressured him into being w her and spat in his face when he didn’t want to be that’s so messed up lol. he definitely should not have said the things he did to lucy in december tho, that was out of line and fucked up, but tbh lucy had been treating him far worse for most of their relationship. i just wish ppl would give this dude a break peace out yall

drearydreams 3 years ago.

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Thank you for this. :)

Alamoraine 3 years ago.