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Candybooru image #14378, tagged with Jasmine KariKarr_(Artist) human


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One of my xmas gifts was a graphic tablet (my first graph. tab.), i'm very happy because i'll improve and i'll learn to draw much better. #^_^#

This a 2017's draw rework of an human Jasmine with the outfit seen in the chapter, "Moments apart". :O

Hope you like it. My hand is dead for now. ;_;

KariKarr 10 months ago.

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This is really well drawn! Your art's come a long way in the two years too! It's hard to imagine it's your first go with a graphics tablet, your lines are very consistent!

LackLuster 10 months ago.

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Thank u so much. I really appreciate it #^_^#

KariKarr 10 months ago.