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Candybooru image #14402, tagged with Abbey Augustus BCB_Art_Meme Catherine CatherinexZach Daisy David Jasmine Jessica JessicaxMadison Jordan Kitten Lucy Madison Matt Mike MikexSandy Paulo Rachel Sam Sandy Sue Teruko_(Artist) Yashy Zach excellent


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I've been wanting to do the new art meme for a while now. Hope you enjoy!

Teruko 2 months ago.

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Woaah, lovely art style! This is so rad, your effort and love for this really shows through!!

slowivy 2 months ago.

Comment ID #88370

Spot on with so many of these ideas and observations. Pretty clever stuff. Good job!

MissH 2 months ago.

Comment ID #88371

Outstanding! I love your style and the pixel art in Question 8!

LackLuster 2 months ago.

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Ohhhhh this is so SWEET!!!

PickYerPoison 2 months ago.

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I'm SCREAAAAMMIIIIINGNGGNGNGGG this is the best thing ever omgggggg your style is amazing ;___; Your expressions are so full of life, like how happy Jordan in next to a happy smug Augustus….

the bit with the three girls....... i love it........
a deep cut…

I’m blown away by the final fantasy part!! Even though I don’t understand a lick of it!! It’s so cool though O__O Love how super serious Mike looks lmao


Taeshi 2 months ago.

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you have put a LOT of ******** into this image

it is amazing

thank you for devoting so much time to reading but also celebrating so many small things in this wonderful art meme! my favs: pro gamer mike leaving sandy the loser behind, the way you drew zach, the absurdly good pixel art and the mischief night costumes!! holy cow

SuitCase 2 months ago.

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Excellent drawings, they came out great.
I wouldn't mind seeing a ROM hack for FFT, where some of the characters are changed into BCB characters.

SCD 2 months ago.

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Ahhhh super good!!

Tess 2 months ago.

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Wow! ;u; Thank you all so much!

It feels good to get some BCB thoughts and goofs out of my head @,@ just shove 'em into one big post. I wasn't expecting the FFT pixel art to be so well liked, and I'm stunned by the amount of support and kind comments! This is exactly what I mean when I say the community is so great. 8-)

Teruko 2 months ago.

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that FFT bit is real good tbh

SpaceMouse 2 months ago.

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this is so so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i especially love number 7 LOOOL

Box 2 months ago.

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Numbers 7 to 9 are the best of them all (imo). Is the cat in the tournament your BCB-sona? XD
That pixel art is amazing!
I love this <3

Marko 2 months ago.