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I've been thinking about making this animatic for aaaaaages now and I finally had some time to throw it together now that the semesters over! I thought this song really suited how Mike and Lucy's relationship deteriorated and the point it's at now.

Moonybadger 5 months ago.

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i said it on the video but i LOVE the way you hit us with a baseball bat in the form of "I hope you die" being December and "I hope we both die" being Love Again!! And then the "If I got the strength to walk out you'd stay the hell out of my way" FIT SO WELL!!


slowivy 5 months ago.

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This is incredible!! Thank you so much for making this. You clearly put a lot of thought and emotion into it and it shows. I love the sting as Lucy snaps into the uniformed Lucy of 9 months later.. it’s beautiful! :love:

SuitCase 5 months ago.

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HOLY COW this is amazing!!!! Wow!!!

So well-timed and so many good memorable scenes matching with good lyrics, I love this so much!! The transition from Lucy being yelled at to her walking away in her school uniform was so thoughtful, so well-put together!!! I’m always so honoured to see these kinds of videos ;___; omg

Taeshi 5 months ago.

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Good video, you did a great job on it.

SCD 5 months ago.

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this is so great ... the last scenewhere theyre drowning got me im just....

gaysae 5 months ago.

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Aaaaaa thanks guys #^_^#

Moonybadger 5 months ago.

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this is amazing!!!!!!!! all the scenes were so perfect for the lyrics, awesome job!!

officerfurry 5 months ago.