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Candybooru image #1912, tagged with Happehface_(Artist) LucyxDaisy


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My first sketch in 2 years with a tablet, and I come up with either an angry daisy or a dangerous hybrid of brains and anger problems... go easy on me here xD.

happehface 12 years ago.

Comment ID #8475

While there's certainly room for improvement, I'm sure that improvement will happen. Definitely shows potential.

Lord_Tristan 12 years ago.

Comment ID #8532

Quite good

Susanna 12 years ago.

Comment ID #8560

Right now I'm still trying to get a good feel for brushes I like and of course working with a smaller pad than I did when I was in school. My next project is to make an amaya for radial

happehface 12 years ago.