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Candybooru image #283, tagged with Kou Liam Taeshi_(Artist) Ustream fancharacter weapon


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LOL your parents are dead

Anonymous #1 9 years ago.

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Who is this guy? Send your answer to this address:

Anonymous #2 8 years ago.

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This makes me sad. :(

TheLightorTheDark 8 years ago.

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Triple LOL.
1. LOL: This is sad and strange at the same time.<:/
2. LOL: Kou is one of my two favorite fancharacters.O_O
3. LOL: HOW the hell did he get four parents?! I have only two!D:

Comostraut 8 years ago.

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Lucy Mike Paulo and Liam XD those are his parents

Special_Ed 8 years ago.

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Anonymous #3 8 years ago.