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Candybooru image #2848, tagged with Lucy Taeshi_(Artist) commission


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She made a mess and had to clean it up.

JuniorBoomer 11 years ago.

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She misses the old bluescarf mike...

Anonymous #1 11 years ago.

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Who Doesn't miss him?


Anonymous #2 11 years ago.

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Convicted Murder Reflects On Deeds. Also that scarf is totally covering her dick trololololololol

YanYang 11 years ago.

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Old Mike better than new Mike.

Anonymous #3 11 years ago.

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She lock picked Mike's locker and stole his scarf. She smells it when she faps.

Anialator 11 years ago.

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she miss mike as freand. so do I.

Anonymous #4 11 years ago.

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Anonymous #5 11 years ago.

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Maybe they should take the blue scarf from his locker, wash it, and then TIE it TIGHTLY around Mike's neck and remind him about the old days and the one girl who was always with him, even when he ignored her...

Anonymous #6 11 years ago.

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I liked him better when he wore that one. Obviously that be the symbol of Lucy and Michael's... Deep friendship.

Ah, and thus do we find ourselves hating Michael, loving Michael, pitying Michael,, and envying Michael.

Hating because he's a selfish douche who can't see that the life of waiting to live in full is a sad one, and people already love him where he IS.

Loving him because IF he ever decides that here and now on earth where the people walk and talk and live and love is where he wants to be, if he ever realizes that perfection doesn't exist outside of heaven and one must learn to deal with little imperfections to truly be happy, then he can and will bring this bitterness to a halt, with only quirky and proud yet strong love from Lucy.

Pity him because he cannot see, because visions of paradise cloud his sight of this place, this place between heaven and hell, with greed and charity and despotism and freedom and hate and love all equally abound, this world of balances. For every action there is an equal, opposite reaction. For every instance of justice there is a victim. For every right someone is shorted. He cannot see the balance, thus we pity.

And envy him because he has so much love, so many choices simply by being himself. He has the love so many of us lack.

Meanwhile, Lucy faces that which so many of us face: love unrequited. This picture captures this.

It's a good picture....

.... Damn your blindness, Michael. How many more tears must be shed until you see that your paradise is right before you, if you only work just a little for it?


Anonymous #7 10 years ago.