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Candybooru image #3098, tagged with Kitsonpaw_(Artist) Lucy


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ok, im trying to make my own little comic. please comment on what i can fix and all, and this isnt the official first page, and yes, i know its looks horrible. i got a long way to go before im as good like taeshi or other artist. please give me feedback that will help!

Kitsonpaw 11 years ago.

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You need to work on paneling.

JuniorBoomer 11 years ago.

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yes, and what else guys?

Kitsonpaw 11 years ago.

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I have no idea what is going on other than that is lucy and maybe a tree?
So clarity, paneling, not drawing on lined-paper.

Carmen 11 years ago.

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This is a comic? I thought it was a random collection of doodles.

Poorly drawn doodles.

Anialator 11 years ago.

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What the christ am I looking at?

Anonymous #1 11 years ago.

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To be honest this is really bad... I can barely tell what i'm even looking at.

Stormthehouse 11 years ago.

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Sorry but i cant understand what is happening >.<

Andresm 11 years ago.

Comment ID #22075

Best advice I can give you: Don't quit your day job.

Also, draw on blank paper, not lined, and make the lines darker so that the scanner can pick them up. Other than that... smoothen your lines and don't be afraid of using that eraser, a LOT. I erase everything I draw some 3-4 times until i'm satisfied at LEAST.

Migrant 11 years ago.

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The guy in the bottom left (I can only assume Mike or Lucy) looks like a jackal. Something like Anubis. That would be awesome, if it wasn't so out of context.

Luei 11 years ago.

Comment ID #22107

ok, im going to take a shot in the dark, lucy is lying against a tree after ,what i can only guess is, being stabbed by a giant shuriken or something that looks like a star i guess, and then shes laying against the tree and she opens her eyes.
*crossing fingers to see if i am right*

jaskobs 11 years ago.

Comment ID #22162

nope, but it is a shuriken, so i shall give you 1/2 a point. and it is a tree. and its her shuriken, sorta.

Kitsonpaw 11 years ago.

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I'm not sure what it is you're going for, but I'd recommend studying, since this is an anthropomorphic comic, that you study the anatomy of humans and cats. Don't just jump in and try to draw based on a picture of Lucy. Figure out what a human would look like in the pose you want, then add cat features. Hope that helps.

Comedy 11 years ago.