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Candybooru image #3229, tagged with Abbey ClosetLucy_(Artist) Daisy Lucy Mike Paulo


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I drew mike too lightly :(

ClosetLucy 9 years ago.

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Also, way to go CL ya posted this 'bout 3 months late :(

ClosetLucy 9 years ago.

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Anonymous #1 9 years ago.

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Haha the incentive XD. Abbey looks like hes bout ready to go apeshit on Daisy.
8 o'clock time to break Daisy's self confidence

Anonymous #2 9 years ago.

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more like time to break Daisy's face

ClosetLucy 9 years ago.

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Lucy seems worried with Abbey as she should be now we just need ****** with her knife XD


Anonymous #3 9 years ago.

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Hahaha I didn't comment on this on the IRC before, but I remember you showing this picture to me when Disaster Dominoes was still going. I was wondering when you were going to post this on Candybooru!

You have an adorable style, it's very cute and smooth and wahhhh are you planning on finishing this because i really like it baww

Mike's got a REALLY SHORT upper arm-part :-[ compared to the forearm

Taeshi 9 years ago.

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Cuuuuteeeies :)

Blazer 9 years ago.

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Lucy does not look broken enough. NEEDS MOAR DEPRESSION.

Anialator 9 years ago.

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<3 Yes! Yes I will color it now that you ask. I always planned on it but never got around to it. Senior year of school and any year of Safeway mixed together leaves me swamped with time :( But I will try to make time for it! I'm so happy to hear about what you think of my style, it's really influenced a lot by yours Tae, if you haven't guessed :P

Thanks so much for the nice comments guys x3 I always thought Lucy was kind of trying to hide her depression in the beginning that's why she isn't all "waaagh!". And about the arms, yeah crossed arms are something I really occasionally do, and I seem to have some trouble with that part of anatomy. I'm glad you noticed that! I probably wouldn't have caught it, I'll try to focus more on my arm anatomy.

ClosetLucy 9 years ago.