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Candybooru image #3234, tagged with Lucy MildlyConcerned_(Artist)


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Ended up a bit bigger then I intended O.o Oh well
So this is my first attempt at anything mildly anthro (is that the right term? I believe so) I drew this on a laptop with a cheap tablet and outdated Photoshop XD and the colour... you see I decided at the LAST second to colour it, so my shading is admittedly a touch wonky. Now that I've dissected it and have pointed out every minor error in there, Enjoy!

MildlyConcerned 10 years ago.

Comment ID #23782

LOL and your shading's not wonky!
The expression is good XD

RiceCake 10 years ago.

Comment ID #23785

'Sup with her eyebrows? O_o

As for the rest of it, its very nice...though those eyebrows are disturbing...they seem alive !!

Blazer 10 years ago.

Comment ID #23793

@Blazer, it's the whiskery things cats have that stick out of their head like eyebrows. They're kind of my signature, but perhaps I should draw normal eyebrows too?

btw this IS MildyConerned, I just don't trust my computer to log in as me, seeing as I'm uploading 143 hi res Jpegs to the internet XD

Anonymous #1 10 years ago.