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Candybooru image #3609, tagged with Amaya Lucy Mike MikexLucy Momoa_(Artist) Sue


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I don't know about you, but I always thought that Amaya would doodle pictures during class.

It's quite messy, so I apologise.

momoa 9 years ago.

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So she doodles Mike x Lucy "Love Me" type pictures... ok...

Or maybe it's a suggestion. Amaya x Sue for the win :P

Migrant 9 years ago.

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I dun getit.

Anonymous #1 9 years ago.

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Sue ships Mike x Lucy, so she doodled a Mike x Lucy picture (albeit a disturbing one by these standards) and gave it to Sue. -Tsukaiz

Anonymous #2 9 years ago.

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Is Lucy giving Mike a drink? Makes me think she tied him up and injured him so that he'd need her to look after him and nurse him back to health.

Anialator 9 years ago.