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Candybooru image #3640, tagged with Blazer_(Artist) Lucy Mike MikexLucy


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"Value every little thing and be grateful for it."

Best words ever for Mike x Lucy. Well done, Blazer...

Fayt 8 years ago.

Comment ID #28095

Now that's just too cute <3

BasketCase 8 years ago.

Comment ID #28098

Wait, why aren't the trees leaves blocking the rain?

Peturd 8 years ago.

Comment ID #28099

Because contrary to popular belief a good amount of the time trees don't block rain very well.

Grubey 8 years ago.

Comment ID #28230

Originally I thought this was a reference to the chapter "Troubled Waters", when Mike promised that he'd never let a drop of water touch Lucy". Maybe I'm over-analyzing, though, based on the little quote at the bottom of the pic :P

Null 8 years ago.