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Candybooru image #3673, tagged with Lucy Paulo PauloxLucy Pchan_(Artist)


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I made this nice logo for my band XD its called Koala :), electronic music ^^,
dj nd vocalist- Me
Gittar- my friend
piano- the coolest girl ever :D!

at the moment we are writting and creating our first song i will post it on the forums when its done :D! maybe next July!!

P-Chan 8 years ago.

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A year to write a song? Holy jesus you guys need to practise.

- SJ

Anonymous #1 8 years ago.

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At first I was like "WTF BCB=/=Koala" but then I was all "Oh I get it" and then "coolest girl ever, huh?"

Mr_Klaus 8 years ago.

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sorry for my bad english!! XD i meant this july :)!!


she is awesome at the piano!! she is a w e s o m e! :D

P-Chan 8 years ago.

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Sad Lucy... D:

Hoheh 8 years ago.