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Candybooru image #4091, tagged with Abbey Alejandro Augustus AugustusxAbbey Blur Carter Jasmine Lucy McCain Melody Mike Mike's_mother Molly Paulo Sandy Shotgun_Wizard_(Artist) Sue Taeshi Turtle genderbended


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Part 1

Big compilation of BCB requests I've made.
These are old, so don't expect a lot of effort. All of these images are BCB related except 2 or 3.

Taeshi asked for this, so I deliver.

Shotgun_Wizard 8 years ago.

Comment ID #33598

By the nine...

Meowth 8 years ago.

Comment ID #33600

3some? YES! Bahaha That's fantastic Shotgun, ah love it!

keninja86 8 years ago.

Comment ID #33610

asian Sandy is hilarious

Anonymous #1 8 years ago.

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Man I'm so confuzzled by this giant compilation of randomness. I wonder if some of it is allowed on Booru though (Sex toy in Sue and Moose pounding what appears to be Paulo's *** XD ).
This is really funny and interesting, can't wait to see the next part (hopefully I won't regret reading it XD )

Anonymous #2 8 years ago.

Comment ID #33862

Love Sue x Banana xD

Also, you draw tessa really awesomely.

Migrant 8 years ago.

Comment ID #33865

Is it cool if I'm lost?

Fayt 8 years ago.

Comment ID #36706

That's one funky looking banana Migrant :E.
What's the only character that's green and made few appearances, usually causing problems?

Killic33 8 years ago.