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Candybooru image #4172, tagged with Amaya Doublet_(Artist) weapon


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Epic, me love it .

Raxki 9 years ago.

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oh my gosh, so fricken awesome

Tabris 9 years ago.

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She just broke her foot. How is she not screaming and bawling?

- SJ

Anonymous #1 9 years ago.

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Sushi: It's Amaya.

Of course she's not gonna scream.

Blazenarm 9 years ago.

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That forehead and the ears are immense. You should remember when sketching a character to sketch the size of the head like the little egg-shaped circle before continuing because if you just draw the head without the guideline you're more likely to make it look gigantic or really wide, especially when adding goggles.

Unless she's wearing a hat, but the hat should not poke out that much unless it's intended?

Taeshi 9 years ago.

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unless that's a tumor.

and now we know why amaya can't speak.

Gnukko 9 years ago.

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1. thats a hat
2. amayas awsome
3. she probebly doesnt speak because something tagic happend
4. i could be ronge about number but its not a tumer
5. shes my favorite charictor(i misspelled charicter didnt i)

Anonymous #2 9 years ago.

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Anonymous #3 9 years ago.

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Fem thieves are adorable. Sadly, them shooting and other doesn;t do enough to change that.

Hoheh 9 years ago.

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this looks like the thief girl from Disgaea 3: absence of justice
but i donno was that the idea


Anonymous #4 9 years ago.

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@Taeshi- It actually is a hat, although Doublet probably should of drawn it going back a bit.

Toffee 9 years ago.

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Even if it is a hat, you can still see where the ears stick out, giving you a pretty good idea at how big the head is. And, in this case, too big.

Other than that, I really really love this! Her expression, her pose, her tail, all looks great! :D

flara 9 years ago.

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Thanks Doublet. ^^

Yes this is the thief from Disgaea 2 onwards. Requested Amaya dressed up as her. I usually play them with guns as they usually need high hit for a better chance to stealing, so extra damage is also a nice bonus.

zoestell37 9 years ago.

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I don't use skelitons or sketch techniques (prolly why it takes forever to finish them) I also:
1. Don't use a tablet
2.don't use MS paint
3. Don't use blue led or 4A paper
even thought I know all about this stuff, I have no idea where to get it, seeing as I am 15. I use a scanner and No. 1,2,and 3 pencils and 4 colours (only if I have to)
ugh, wall of text.

ColourTheory 9 years ago.

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That's Amaya? I thought it was Justin. lolz

Benoit_vs_Guerrero 9 years ago.