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Candybooru image #4708, tagged with Hamshi_(Artist) Love_Me Lucy Sandy blood weapon


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As Sandy taunted one last time, Lucy slowly bent down to grasp the metal pipe that had been part of the terrors earlier. To Sandys realizations, Lucy wasn't going to kill her; she was going to suffer just as she did to mike. Before she could run, Lucy shot her kneecap, forcing her to an agonizing crawl. Lucy quickly caught up with the murderer, and with a loud clunk Sandy was unconscious. Lucy began to play.

I just thought of an alternative ending to Maverik's "Love Me"

Hamshi 8 years ago.

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I like this a lot :D Good job, looks nice :)

Inventive 8 years ago.

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wonderful alternate ending

the_gray_angel 8 years ago.

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I still think the best way would be if Lucy killed herself. Then it would be Sandy who'd have to suffer a life locked up.

Anialator 8 years ago.

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Thanks. Now the alternate ending I was writing is totally ruined.
No really, I am writing one.

skmojo 8 years ago.

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Or Lucy secretly claws "Sandy into her side while bound, and shoots herself. And it doesn't fire. There were only three bullets. That was just so Sandy could get another set of prints.

kamimatsu 1 year ago.