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Candybooru image #4743, tagged with BCB_Art_Meme David Lucy MadMiracles_(artist) MikexPaulo Paulo PauloxLucy PauloxSandy Sandy genderbended


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This artist was recently banned on DeviantArt and I was really sad about it, but I wanted to preserve her meme because I really like it!

Draw some good PauloxMike to honour her name.

Taeshi 8 years ago.

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why is she banned

lucas 8 years ago.

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yeah! Another one who speak spanish

¡Si! Otra persona que habla español

Felo 8 years ago.

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banned for furry porn?

Gabriel_Kaxbe 8 years ago.

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This is great.

Hero 8 years ago.

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Ahhh, she draws so well :D

Sliviathewolf 8 years ago.

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Drawn very well, can't understand 3/4 of it

Grubey 8 years ago.

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1)He~llo My name is Ana and I read this because (crossed off: the sponsors tricked me) I don't know

2: *cough*PauloxMike*cough* PauloxLucy (you can notice that)

3:Paulo, look at him damn it!

1- She put herself between Mike and Lucy
2-Why the hell is her life so perfect?
3-When I first saw her, I tried liking her, it was like a barrier

5:Meme, you'll pay for this

6:Hmm, I'd like to try, but I'm bad at drawing giraffes

7a: You guys love me! 7b:You guy will never catch me

9:David is awesome "Hi policemen pointing guns at me!!"

11: I want chocolate (crossed off: and some PauloxMike)

12:The uncomfortable moment of someone asking me for some thing sweet, inappropriate (<-- I think) pictures come to my head

Sliviathewolf 8 years ago.

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osom? ("Awesome" pronunciation in Spanish)
I think you mean awsombroso (Awesome and asombroso (awesome in Spanish) combination, almost with the same initial pronunciation).

__raz__ 8 years ago.

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Donde se puede encontrar un art meme en español ?

mikuanime 7 years ago.