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Candybooru image #4749, tagged with Lucy Mike MikexLucy Vicse_(Artist)


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...Waaaaiiitttt... I don't get it. It doesn't look like there are any homosexuality insinuation gags afoot...

Luigifan 8 years ago.

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no sir not this time ;)

Vicse 8 years ago.

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you just stole these pictures of Mike and Lucy from the comic you know.... :/

Shamber 8 years ago.

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I figured they were directly ripped from the comic - I'm just not sure where...

Luigifan 8 years ago.

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some what i used the comic cuz i had never drawn them before. so i just used them to get the hang of it cuz i had never even thought to draw them but i had to start somewhere.

Vicse 8 years ago.

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how ever i did draw them i did not trace nor did i cut them out of the comic and i did color them myself too i did use the comic images to learn now they look ect.

Vicse 8 years ago.

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if u must know i used the mike from when he had his phone stolen in class as his pose and lucy was in a hallway talking to that creeper guy for hers only i think she was flipping him off....not pointing. but yes i did use poses from the comic but i did not steal these i make no $ off them and it was my first time drawing in BCB style. Sorry for the confusion.

Vicse 8 years ago.

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I'm sorry.I just had to do it.

Cece 8 years ago.

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Im sorry but Lucy looks like a complete copy.
If you look at her tail you will recognize that the artist does not fully understand what lucys tail looks like and that a portion is obscured by amaya's head.
But as far as the shading colour goes, that at least is legit.

Hamshi 8 years ago.

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does anyone read my comments?

Vicse 8 years ago.

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btw Hamshi i do realize that her tail is rounded not pointed, as I said and u ignored, it was my first attempt at BCB fan-art of any kind so there are clearly mistakes and that it is not my original pose. I explained this in my comments. I would like it if people would read my comments as to my reasoning instead of just pouncing on an opportunity to criticize some one. I am not trying to rip any one off or any of that. I only put this on here because Taeshi told me I should. In the future please read artists explanations before you say things. I understood the first comment because i had no way of explaining it or really thought anything of it. but a second one after i told what had happened that is just being oblivious. yes I am a bit upset not because of the accusation but because people ignored what i said completely. ill say it again. those are NOT my original poses i even told u where i got them btw what is illegitimate about using a great pose for a first attempt at fan-art? its not like im selling this and i didnt even claim credit for it at all. but what ever i figured my comments were enough to let peeps know what was up but i guess not. so i hope this one clears things up.

Vicse 8 years ago.

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Major respect Vicse, and for a first time, it came out very well, kudos to you. I can understand using someone else's poses to get a start at drawing, keep going at it, you'll get there. :)

Sandvich 8 years ago.

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That was a tad inconsiderate Hamshi, gotta respect the artist at work 8-)

Sandvich 8 years ago.

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Wow. I made myself out to be a total asshat xD

- Yes I read comments.
- my opinion is that is that as good your creation is, it does lack integrity in the fact that lucys tail is abnormal. (it could look as though it was traced from the sourced image of Lucy.)
-but props on the coloring
- I also apologize for the brutality of my first comment, I guess you could say it's my "time of day" :/ I don't seem to be able to find any reasoning behind harshness.

I wish you luck and goodwill on all your endeavors.

Hamshi 8 years ago.

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its all good i am glad people are on the look out for those kinds of things tho. and ty Hamshi for the apology =) that was very cool of u to do that and i respect that alot.

Vicse 8 years ago.

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I like this and I think I get the joke

Grubey 8 years ago.