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Candybooru image #4801, tagged with Abbey Carter David Katara00176_(artist) Lucy Mike MikexSandy Paulo Sandy sketch


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Aaaaaaaah i love sandy's face in here!!

Cata83 8 years ago.

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First WIP artwork .///.
Wish you like it, MikexSandy oldish fans ;)
I did a little re-draws onto some faraway faces, because my pencil was quite bold and I had no sharpener :P
Think I will photoshop and color it when i finish my meme :)

Katara00176 8 years ago.

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Sandy's body shrinks to a ridiculous amount. Compare the length of her legs and her hips to the size of her shoulders and her head. She shrinks considerably, almost as if you were trying to squeeze the rest of her body into the page because you were running out of space. She requires some intense redrawing, if not scrapping her and starting again.

Taeshi 8 years ago.

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Lucy Came

Oh wait.


Me and my sexual mind.

Mr_Klaus 8 years ago.

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"She came T_T"

Skittz 8 years ago.

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Sandy: hothothothothothothot

Grubey 8 years ago.

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No worries it was the first thing I thought as well... it actually took three reads before I got how it was meant xD

Anonymous-_- 8 years ago.

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@Taeshi: Hmm I see, I use to draw really out of scale and I didn´t even notice. Thanks really n.n will take the advice and redraw enlarging the waist, I think it is the worst thing e_e. About the legs, if she needs, I'm really frightened, if not saying I hate, about long legs (or at least people that seem higher than 1.70 mts) but if she needs I will change them a bit.
@Grubey and Cata: Really? *-*

Katara00176 8 years ago.

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Eeeh. Realized.
If Sandy was able to come by the HS, means Carter too.
That means Earth explodes.

Or both used the Tiem Machien.

Katara00176 8 years ago.