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Aww I love that Mulan song. Nice sketches.

Purin 8 years ago.

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hey, just an fyi, technically Love-Lost Elegy was made by Wowaka. Various versions are available, but I think the first was sung by Miku. Otherwise, all these songs are full of win.

ani-kun 8 years ago.

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Thanks ani-kun. As you can see I wasn't sure who did that song ^ ^'

Lymne 8 years ago.

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"goodnight sweetheart - gumi"

Did someone take the old song and bastardize it into ****** modern music?

Susan 8 years ago.

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Thats Really Good But Who Is That In Song 6?

Kitkatlovespaulo 8 years ago.

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To Kitkatlovespaulo, it's Gumi.

To Susan, no I don't think this song is a redo of anything. It's a vocaloid (Japanese voice-bank program) song. I can give you guys the links to the songs if you like, but it's probably easier to just look them up on Youtube.

Lymne 8 years ago.