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Candybooru image #4870, tagged with Hair_Lucy Lucy Raxki_(Artist) crossover


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Do not underestimate the power of anime hairstlyes Furious Abbey

Sandvich 10 years ago.

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Well, it's okay, but if he's japanese you got the eye's kind of wrong. Maybe he comes from a land down under. Maybe.

BotonWiggles 10 years ago.

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A new life goal

1) save up longer hair. I will then try to make that.
Let's see... I'd need about 6 more months, then it would have taken 10 months but still.

2) Go to Japan

3) Get some of their inhumanly powerful hairgels

4) Mold my hair

5)Laugh as my friends reacts at me using gel for the first time ever

Sadly this will probably never happen :/

Supper_Cupcake 10 years ago.

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Sora? First thought.

Hoheh 10 years ago.

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@Hoheh: so you've heard of kingdom hearts? i liek that game.

Virtual 10 years ago.