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Candybooru image #4899, tagged with David Flower_Girl Lucy Paulo TwitchThetaC33_(artist) fancharacter fankiller


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Here's another something from ANOTHER account. Still the same Twitch though. Hope you like it.

TwitchThetaC33 8 years ago.

Comment ID #40947

fixed tag :D

lucas 8 years ago.

Comment ID #40948

"Is it already time to beat the fan-characters?"
That line had me in hysterics.
David + Paulo - Taeshi's back-up crew! XD

Metsane 8 years ago.

Comment ID #40949

Said "Fan-character" looks an awful lot like Abbey though.

Lisa 8 years ago.

Comment ID #40953

This picture was good until the fan character showed up.

Murderer 8 years ago.