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Oh? Mike is currently the jerk. Augustus picks some biting words, but he at least tried to help Lucy.

Hoheh 10 years ago.

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Yes Different, that is exactly what is going on.

Ace 10 years ago.

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Lol, win <3

Skygaze 10 years ago.

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Augustus wouldn't say that. He hates Lucy, clearly stated in Taeshi's tumblr... someone asked Augustus, Who do you like better, Daisy or Lucy

and he said

"A beacon of perfection, or a temperamental dependent bitch. Guess."

He wouldn't want to talk to her.

Mike has a reason anyway, even though he sometimes goes too far.

Inventive 10 years ago.

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^looks leik we have an expert^

Gabriel_Kaxbe 10 years ago.

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no one mess with Inventive, guys
he's serious business
obviously knows everything about BCB

isabelle 10 years ago.

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I bow to your wisdom.


Anialator 10 years ago.

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your smartical particles. they astound the minds of great thinkers such as Aristotle.

Carindel_Girl 8 years ago.

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Except Lucy didn't punch Augustus repeatedly looking for reasons to fight him over the course of over a decade. But she did do that to Mike.

And to those who say she jumped. Well guess what. So did he.

Basically it's like if you were to say Augustus were a jerk to Alejandro.

kamimatsu 4 years ago.