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Candybooru image #5014, tagged with Augustus Rose_(Artist) comic


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;____________; <333

isabelle 8 years ago.

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I'm unsure how people ship two people who do not like each other when they act like friends?

Maybe because they are in the same angst boat?

-shrug- I just don't see it, even though it is cute

BasketCase 8 years ago.

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I loved this little comic
All of it.
It's awesome.

I def ship this coupling, well, sort of, I think they look nice together more than anything.

Thank you for making this short comic

Tabris 8 years ago.

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joining all the pages ion the comic would be nice. an interesting end to this setting.

Migrant 8 years ago.

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Well, how are people still shipping MikexLucy even when Mike's outright stated he hates her, the relationship is unhealthy, and he's taken?

Tsukaiz 8 years ago.

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Totally not something he'd say but whatevs cool mini comic. :)

Anialator 8 years ago.

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thanks guys <3 and how would you know Anialator xD he's not your character either.

I'm just givin' it my best guess.

Rose 8 years ago.

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I hope this isnt really the end
I totally want to see more D:

Kaizy 8 years ago.

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ok this is stupid, we all know he loves Daisy.

Lisa 8 years ago.

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@Lisa I could care less. it's called a WHAT IF for a reason.

Rose 8 years ago.

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We all know Lucy loves Mike, yet we still draw PauloxLucy. We all know Daisy is dating Abbey, yet we still draw AugustusxDaisy. We all know Mike is dating Sandy, yet we still draw MikexLucy.

Tsukaiz 8 years ago.

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And we all know Lucy and Augustus hate each other and it is a stupid pairing based on the grounds they are solely of the opposite gender and the fact people defend it and like it so much is disgusting, stupid, and lowers my faith further in this fan base.

Susan 8 years ago.

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I enjoyed this fancomic. Not for shipping or stuff, but for the way that you portaited Augustus and Lucy.

Knux-the-Killer 8 years ago.

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Loved it, it's my favorite OTP <3

I love you art, Rose :love:

DafninhaM 7 years ago.

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OH THERE'S SUSAN. :D -Wave- Wanted to see you bitch first. <3

Anyway, LOVE THIS. I don't really ship these two, but your style MAKES ME WANT TO SHIP THEM, OKAY? D':


Yaschiri 7 years ago.