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This is a sketch of a fanart I'm working on. HURR. Yeah.

FatCat 8 years ago.

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See Lucy? YOu DO have friends.

Really like this~

Lisa 8 years ago.

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man, I am loving this

Corn 8 years ago.

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Oh my god DAVID'S FACE <3

Taeshi 8 years ago.

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Loving this style

flara 8 years ago.

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Hum....yeah she has friends. But is that right?

Paulo is madly on love with her. He totally wishes to be more than a safety pillow. A friend, but not happy for getting only that role.
David is David, lol. Only sticking with Lucy cuz Paulo does. Besides his own world is oblivious of her bitchness since never was been "a victim". :P
Abbey cuz Daisy. He just pities her or something.Friends aren't friends by mere pity.
Daisy is a friend. Jealous of her looks and male attention gathering, but a friend.

Well, the best friend of the whole group for Lucy is a minor one: Sue. Supportive and stuff. But not friend enough let her know better about her unhealthy obsession.

Tess is another good friend, despite the whole "sudden change of personality for better"

Knux-the-Killer 8 years ago.

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This cartoony style is fantastic. This is the kind of thing I could easily see in full animation, it's great.

Rukral 8 years ago.

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I love davids smile, so great
i really enjoy your style
also, daisy's face is retarded and so cute and i love it so much >_<

Tabris 8 years ago.

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@Knux-the-Killer: Well, there is a lot of things from the comic that influenced this picture, and your comment does touch onto it. I only included the main cast into this picture, I was planning on adding Sue (she's my fave character, fyi) and Tess, but I'm lazy and I think it can be just fine with the main cast for now. There is a lot of things I'm planning on touching on when I finish this picture, hope that you'll understand when you see ;D
@Rukral: Hahaha xD Thank you! I'm actually applying for animation programs to attend when I graduate C:

Thank you all for such positive comments, hurr <3

FatCat 8 years ago.

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SushiJaguar 8 years ago.

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this makes too much sense Mike and sandy againist the world

Blackstarqueen 8 years ago.