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Candybooru image #5119, tagged with FatCat_(Artist) Hair_Lucy Lucy


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I was looking at Hair Lucy... and I love Lucy... OTL.

I was drawing Lucy as an older version of herself, like, just having some relaxing time at some coffee place with free wifi.
Also, someone told me to make LucyxHappiness a tag... SO I DID. HA!

I'm gonna work hard on this one... lol. Maybe make it a desktop background worthy? Anyone want that?
Also, I just wanna know what you guys think, what do you think Lucy's future occupation will be? Should I cameo someone in the picture?

FatCat 8 years ago.

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This is just a cool picture in general, well done! I saw your LucyxHappiness tag, and I hope this goes somewhere, we certainly haven't seen it as of late!

Wallpaper me! As for Lucy's future job, I can see either a nurse, social worker, or teacher...

Ampp3 8 years ago.

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Wahh you draw hair Lucy the best out of anyooonneee <3
Cameo Amaya walking in the back!

I see her as that weird guidance counselor that probably shouldn't be a counselor type.

Sock 8 years ago.

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If you do go for wallpapers, remember: Her nose is pink.

Codysseus 8 years ago.

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I can't go for that, Codysseus. No-oh.

Purin 8 years ago.

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Peartop is my new must-have.

SushiJaguar 8 years ago.

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i see what you did with the pear.

lol. shes beautiful though. i can't wait for the finishing picture.

RachelVang 8 years ago.

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Amaya walking down the sidewalk and Mike standing at the corner.
As for Lucy's job? A journalist.

Finally, great job on this picture. I really like the way Lucy turned out.

Remember: PINK NOSE

Fayt 8 years ago.

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isabelle 8 years ago.

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Holy **** holy **** I love it!!!!!!!!!!

Kenshin715 8 years ago.