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Candybooru image #5127, tagged with Abbey Abraham Augustus BCB_Music_Meme Daisy David Laufente_(Artist) Lucy Mike Molly Paulo Sandy Sue meme


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I discovered the old, abandoned MUSIC MEME BANDWAGON and jumped on it! God this time limit sucks, especially for someone like me who draws so damn SLOW, but I went with it anyway! And Lastfm gave me SO many sad songs - So I give you lots of angst!Lucy in the beginning >:3

Laufente 8 years ago.

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it's really good, i love it

it wasn't that old and abandoned, there has been a lot of them (okay like 3) lately -.-

Panda 8 years ago.

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Really love #9. Nice overall.

Null 8 years ago.

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Aw holy ****, here I thought I was the only BCB fan who ever heard of White Lies.

SushiJaguar 8 years ago.