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Candybooru image #5128, tagged with Carter Lucy lt_amazil_(Artist)


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I... I don't... What? Why are David and Sue dead? What? This is a very confusing and ****** drawing.

Maverik 8 years ago.

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You spelled Michael wrong.

Also why is Carter sad? And why is Lucy happy about Mike's death?

Murderer 8 years ago.

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oi, i don't really get this drawing at all... :/

Sandvich 8 years ago.

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"Be careful of what you wish for"?? how is it that a saying? i don't remember Lucy wanting Mike dead. wouldn't Lucy be depressed if Mike died instead of happy? also why is Sue and David dead in this? i know i'll go on and on with several questions but i think they're needed to figure out what the hell this drawing is about..

Kyla 8 years ago.

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Neither Carter or Lucy would've wished for this

Murderer 8 years ago.

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(this is amazil stuff usually doesn't make sense with him)

SushiJaguar 8 years ago.

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Can someone please explain this to me?

Panda 8 years ago.

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*pops knuckles* alright i gots some explaining to do!

here's the story: Lucy gets abandoned by Mike, and desperately turned to the only person that loves her. Carter! she went bat-**** crazy in the process killing everyone. Carter's sad because although he now has lucy it's not the same person that he loves. thus the saying "becareful of what you wish for!"

lt_amazil 8 years ago.

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I take it that is why she has Carter eyes too.

The wish was by Carter, wanting Lucy to love him. THIS WAS THE ONLY WAY.

Anialator 8 years ago.

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Oh look another cluster****

Sammy 8 years ago.

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Ok story makes sense. And the fact that Lucy has been carterized show that they have had sex already. But...WHY DAVID?!?! :,(

Grubey 8 years ago.

Comment ID #42654

cause david sucks...and they never had sex.

lt_amazil 7 years ago.

Comment ID #48070

Cuz David touched her boob
Obviously :smirk:

IDog 7 years ago.