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Candybooru image #5134, tagged with Mike vintage_(Artist)


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Hey! I'm kind of new here...and with Mike being so jerk-ish and all...I guess this just popped up...

"Who says they won't join me...?"

Vintage 8 years ago.

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yup, instant fave.

Laufente 8 years ago.

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Oh my god. This is perfect.

isabelle 8 years ago.

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"What good are organs if you can't have sex with them?"

Anialator 8 years ago.

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your not alone in the New person boat >_<
but, any way nice pic of mike makes sense with the latest page. i wouldn't be surprised if he randomly kills Lucy or mentally rips her apart more.

Kyla 8 years ago.

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his face reminds me of a movie...
anyway the whole picture is awesome done.
I'll insta-fave too!

plaster 8 years ago.