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Irc requests.

- BCB cast trapped in a mine, who would be eaten first (it's Abbey)

- Curvaceous cats in stocking

- Nazi Augustus

- Lani as a sex ed. teacher

Gnukko 8 years ago.

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Would have thought that Auggie would oppose Abbey's iron regime.

Sammy 8 years ago.

Comment ID #43853!!!! lol ;)

Shamber 8 years ago.

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Maybe Augustus is part of Operation Valkyrie?

ThatGuy 8 years ago.

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Nah, he's the Augustus from the eleventh BCB Murder Mystery Game

(spoilers he was an american spy

also spoilers i played him)

SushiJaguar 8 years ago.

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IDog 7 years ago.

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...Why do I find Gnukko's interpretation of "cats in stockings" to be so hilarious?

Luigifan 7 years ago.