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Candybooru image #5400, tagged with Mike Taeshi_(Artist)


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It's all I think about when I see/listen to Kaito. Oh man professional level photoshop up in here :L

TheLogarth 6 years ago.

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Reminder for the uninformed: Vocaloid is a computer program that makes synthesized vocals, in japanese only. Taeshi linked to something vocaloid-related in the past, so it has some connection in my mind. I thought I'd share this for people who also might have made this connection.

TheLogarth 6 years ago.

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I see it. They plagiarized Maishul.

Itu 6 years ago.

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OMG see the similarities between Michael and all these people? CoW_Blue_Scarf%5B1%5D.JPG

MiwAuturu 6 years ago.

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Nope, Kaito is not a tag, also I think it's kinda funny that you took a picture of Mike in which his scarf was orangish and you had to filltool it blue xD


Lisa 6 years ago.

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Really the ONLY similarity is the scarf.

Rixx 6 years ago.

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I look similar to this man in Belgium because we both wear pants.

That's basically the same thing that's happening here. I do wonder what Mike would sound like if he sung, though. :Y

Toffee 6 years ago.

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Funny I noticed this awhile back and I thought I was crazy

chaoscat 6 years ago.

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So... Does this mean he may go to Wonderland, create a twisted world via his songs, and kill himself out of insanity?

ScrabMaster 5 years ago.

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i can't

silveryogurt 4 years ago.