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Candybooru image #5477, tagged with Akacatgirl_(Artist) Amaya Lucy Mike MikexLucy Sex_Ed_Teacher Sue comic


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A redone version of a comic I did a long time ago. Hope you guys like this.

akacatgirl 8 years ago.

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I just noticed the "SEX" isn't even a question, nor a exclamation. It's just the encompassment of every reaction to sex. HOW DARE THEE?

The_Swimmer 8 years ago.

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@ The_Swimmer: not a huge fan of Nickelback... but first thing that came to mind in response to your comment was their song S.E.X.

Coda289 8 years ago.

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The colors are great, but sadly everything else is not on par with the original.

(plus no amaya tag ?)

DLancer 8 years ago.

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this is very nice, AKA, I've been finding all your comic ideas hilarious!

Migrant 8 years ago.